pdf catalog

Create Amazing Catalogs Instantly

  • Professional Catalogs
  • User-Friendly 1-Click set up
  • When clicking on items from the catalog buyers are redirected to eBay
  • Additional features for 3Dsellers PRO subscribers
pdf catalog
pdf catalog

Get Started with just 1 click

By clicking on the Create button, all of your existing items will be imported into a new PDF catalog.

Your new catalog will become available within minutes.

Great Promotional Tool

The PDF catalog has a URL link; you can send it to your buyers or post it on social media to get more exposure for your eBay listings.

When potential buyers click on an item in the catalog, they are being redirected to that listing’s page on eBay and can complete the purchase there.

pdf catalog
pdf catalog

Premium features in the 3Dsellers
PRO platform

1. Modify title and description texts.
2. Two more catalog templates as well as color selection.
3. Create catalog by category
4. Add social icons and contact information to catalog

I was introduced by a friend of ebay seller. For example, just by pasting the URL of the catalog of your shop to the mail sent to the buyer, the sales are different. This is a wonderful effect. The other features of the platform are also great.

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Not only am I am able to create a PDF catalog either to view online or a printable version, there are templates for the catalogs with the pay version. Also, the thank you emails are AMAZING and have really assisted with branding and promoting

eBay store, holtonhobbyhaven


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