3Dsellers Partners

A complete dropshipping solution for selling on multiple channels. 3Dsellers goal is to enhance our users business potential, so we’ve integrated our Listing Designer with ShopMaster to let you combine our capabilities and boost your sales with our eBay selling manager.

Product Sourcing and Rapid Listing

Import products from Aliexpress, Amazon and 32 more suppliers

Auto repricer and inventory monitor

Import product images and set up product variations

Bulk import, edit and list products

Lists product to mulitple channels easily

Smart Tools and eBay Features

Set up drop shipping price automatically

One-click translate Chinese to English

Prefill eBay policies and insert size chart template

Select eBay category and fill out specifics automatically

One-click import with Chrome extension of ShopMaster

Order Management and More

Visit source product directly in order management

Mark orders as shipped

Sales and orders statistics

Free Image Hosting

Free STARTER plan accelerate your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use both platforms?

The main benefit of using your 3Dsellers listing templates with Shopmaster is the ability of product sourcing and rapid listing to multiple eBay stores. This means you can upload your listing from either of 29 suppliers, including AliExpress, Amazon, Banggood, and Chinabrands directly onto eBay and grow your product exposure. View our announcement to learn more.

How do I get my 3Dsellers listing templates to Shopmaster?

It’s very easy! All you have to do is design your listing template in 3Dsellers, copy/paste it’s HTML code and then upload it in your ShopMasters’ custom templates. For a detailed description, read the step-by-step guide on how to use 3Dsellers with ShopMaster.

Can I use my 3Dsellers listing templates for other sales channels?

Yes! As soon as the marketplace accepts custom HTML templates and 3Dsellers is integrated with the listing software you can apply 3Dsellers listing templates.

Is there a special offer for ShopMaster users?

Yes! To help you seize the opportunity and sell online like a Pro, we’re happy to offer all ShopMaster users a 20% discount on 3Dsellers Pro Plan. Simply contact your Shopmaster support agent and ask for your discount code.

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