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How to get more views on eBay? Import eBay listings to Facebook!

Get More Views, Increase Your
Customer Base, Get More Sales!

  • Upload eBay items to Facebook with just one click.
  • Share your Facebook page with potential buyers.
  • Design your Facebook store with various templates and colors
  • Fully synced with your eBay items and 3Dsellers eBay management tools
ebay facebook store
ebay facebook store

Easy Set Up

You can create your Facebook storefront within minutes!
Select a Facebook page and your eBay listings will appear on this
Facebook business page immediately. When buyers click on an item
on your Facebook page, they will be redirected to eBay automatically.
ebay facebook store

Design Your Facebook Store

Your eBay store will look fantastic on Facebook! Select a template and colors for your Facebook store. The Facebook store matches the items on the eBay store. That means that when products are removed from or added to your eBay store, these changes will be updated on the Facebook store automatically.
ebay facebook store
ebay facebook store

Facebook Store Control Settings

eBay sellers can choose how many items to display on each page.
Sellers can also choose which items to display according to several categories: cheapest, most popular, most recent etc.
This Facebook Store feature truly changed the way I market to buyers. I set up my own Facebook Page and Social Store made it so easy to automatically port over all my listings to Facebook so quick. More views = more sales. Kathleen Newhall

eBay store, katiekatesstore

Sale increase and visibility increase of my items to facebook page!. Thank you! The initial set up was easy enough. Sellers should know they can only use this feature if they have a business Facebook page. Sharing my listings is so much easier now…

eBay store, 303electronics


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