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Increase your eBay sales with automatic emails to buyers!

Send buyers automated emails after each transaction and promote your eBay listings!

  • Cross-sell products by contacting buyers
  • Promote & increase repeat sales
  • Engage buyers & build customers loyalty
  • Free! No commitment necessary!

Customizable Design

A selection of customizable templates to choose from.
The colors and texts of the messages can be modified according to the seller’s needs.

Sellers choose which items or special offers to add to the email message.

Set Timing & Event

Cross-Sell Emails can be sent after various events: after purchase, after shipping, and after leaving feedback.

Sellers can also schedule when to send the email, from immediately
after the event up to one week later.

Improving Seller-Buyer Relationship

Sellers can add contact information including social media links, telephone number, and website address to their emails,  becoming more accessible for buyers to reach them following the email message.
And of course, buyers can also reply to the cross-sell message and get back to the seller via email.
This is a very easy app to download and the tutorial is great. It took less than seconds to complete the whole set-up. Started using it the day I downloaded the app. Got a few sales from this feature in the last couple of weeks.
summercreek2345 (13824 )
Thank You Emails has dramatically improved our feedback remarks about good communication. Buyers like getting information about their purchase and this application helps to do that. It’s probably the feature I like most…
americansurplus2012 (12263  )
I seriously love this service and highly recommend! The availability to access customers is the best way for creating repeat business and build buyers adding you to their favorites. I love the communication it builds my customers and myself.
Danna Crawford
danna (14673 )


No fees. No credit card. No risk.