New! We’ve added capabilities to our eBay selling tools, thanks to our user suggestions


We’re so happy to have active eBay sellers who’re interesting in improving their selling experience as our users and we take everybody’s suggestions very seriously. 3Dsellers was built by sellers for sellers – we stand firmly behind this concept and welcome your tips with open ears.


In this post, we’d like to go over all the recent changes made to the eBay selling tools in the 3Dsellers platform. These changes were implemented to our newest features, like the Inventory Manager, as well as those created years ago, like the Webstore.


If you have tips and suggestions of your own, we now implemented a “Request a Feature” button at the top right corner of each existing tool. In addition, if you want to tip a new tool, hit the “Request a Feature” at the bottom of the tools list (on the left) and you’ll see a list of ideas. There, you can either upvote an idea that someone else already added or add your own. We always go over this list and create changes as per your ideas!

Ready to see what we changed last week?


Inventory Manager


The 3Dsellers Inventory Manager is our newest eBay selling tool and is a part of the Management Plan. If you haven’t used it yet, it is a seamless integration tool for your warehouse and eBay stock control.

With an Inventory Manager, you can set a volume of items you’d like to be shown for your eBay listings, make sure you never oversell, view how many of each item is already sold and now, you can also change your item’s price directly from the 3Dsellers platform.  

ebay seller tools inventory manager updates
Many users requested price change capabilities to the Inventory Manager so you can control your listings stock volume AND play around with the price to hit your best selling strategy.

However, we understand that managing items one-by-one is time demanding so we also created the following bulk actions:


Price Update 

  • Allows you to set a preferred price OR set an increase/decrease price percentage
  • You can choose to do that to all your listings or post filtering by category
ebay seller tools inventory bulk price update
Update eBay/Warehouse Inventory

    • Allows you to set all your eBay listings to a specific volume of available items
    • Lets you increase/decrease all eBay stock volume (of a filtered specific category or all) by a preferred amount of units
    • Has an option to set your eBay stock volume always equal to your warehouse inventory
ebay seller tools inventory ebay and warehouse bulk update
Notice that we separated our bulk actions for eBay inventory and warehouse inventory to allow you more flexibility with your eBay business.




Do you use a webstore for your eBay items? If not, you ought to check out 3Dsellers Webstore that creates a professionally designed storefront for your eBay listings.


Prior to last week, the webstore was limited to 5 item specifications per listing but now, that’s been lifted. In other words, you can now include a full list of product specifications at your storefront. 

ebay seller tools webstore update
You can check out what your storefront can look like with our preview feature here.


Export to CSV


This is a brand new eBay seller tool we added to our platform due to a large number of seller requests. It is a great way to download a comprehensive .csv overview of your eBay listings and their progress.

ebay seller tools export to csv
You can choose the fields you’d like to include, filter your listings by categories or status and even include images, if you wish!
export to csv filtering options 3dsellers

CRM & Helpdesk

In our CRM & Helpdesk tool, we’ve added a tracking number to your messages’ overview.

crm helpdesk update ebay seller tools
crm helpdesk tracking number update
We want you to provide your best customer service to all your buyers and keeping up with your eBay conversations is a hasty business. With our CRM & Helpdesk, you get a clear overview of your past messages as well as buyer details. Additionally, you can now see the tracking info to keep your conversations as relevant as possible.


Finally, for our own customer service, we’ve added a “Bug Report” feature to catch any issues that may occur and fix them as soon as possible. You can report an issue using a question mark icon on the bottom right corner, anywhere on your dashboard.

3dsellers bug report
That’s it! Those are our newest updates, hope you take full advantage of our eBay selling tools and grow your eBay business. We’re here to make your selling experience easier, more efficient and productive.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to request more features, more upgrades and suggestions – we’re here FOR YOU!

Any thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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